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My advice: Never cut your hair after 3 margaritas Sound advice from a friend: Never Drink 10 Alabama Slammers in one night !
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~Farewell~ If I leave today, Would you bring me one last rose... Place it very gently On my heart ~ dispel my woes. If I leave today, Could you whisper me your love... Sing it to me softly As if to heaven's angels above. If I leave today, Might I take a goodbye kiss... Imagining, I can drift from here No more hopes or dreams to miss. If I had these treasures, A rose, music, a kiss... My tomorrows would be as in heaven, An eternity of bliss. Never would I fade away Without leaving you stars and song; They have nothing to do with me, For they were yours all along. ~amg~ copyright @ 2006
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~"High Six"~ Hello, my name is Lin Mei; my mama is Min Foo; I was born in captivity in a San Diego Zoo. It's funny to know about how I came to be; my parents were made to watch a show of panda pornography. Better in the wild we breed, otherwise losing that instinct. Upon viagra, dad did feed; one hundred sixty days later I came, I think. At first, a sight for sore eyes, I was a blind hairless blob of pink, but a mother's love cannot be denied; thirty days of ugly passed in a blink. If there had been two born, one of us might die or be culled, for a mother, between them, torn, has energy to raise only one, I'm told. At six months, when I was full of play, bamboo was introduced into my diet. Before then, I nursed fourteen times a day; quite a task to keep me quiet. One day my mama told me that giant pandas had grown extinct; my ancestors were forced from lowlands when farmers removed many trees from it. Pandas then infiltrated higher grounds; a few thousand remain in the wild. When cold, warmer climates must be found; unlike other bears, hibernating is not our style. Recently, in addition to bamboo, I was fed small bits of fish, eggs and honey. I'll be fully grown by the age of two. And my course hair will soften; I'll be more cuddly. Although I'm not predatorial; you'd be naive to think I wouldn't hurt you. Known to become irritated by people, I'm by far no Winnie the Pooh. Another thing you may not know about the former emblem, the dragon, is that, in China, the Panda's status quo: This is a position in recent years we've won. We have the second longest tail; the longest belongs to the sloth bear. Two hundred forty pounds, a mature male, less twenty, a female to compare. One more thing, before I go a "high five" is something I'd like to do. Watch me carefully; my paw raised up slow, Same meaning, but with one more finger than you. "High Six" from Min Lei Everything in this was based on my research, not made up, even though a few things may sound bizarre. The names used are made up.

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